November 21, 2017

Points of View at the Rose Gallery

California Fibers' exhibit Points of View opened last week at the Rose Gallery, Francis Parker School, 6501 Linda Vista Rd, San Diego, California, and will be open through December 15. Below are some photos from the exhibit.

A view of one section of the gallery.

Julie Kornblum's piece I'm Still Here with Mary Beth Schwartzenberger's pieces behind.

Schwartzenberger's pieces Twilight in the Pines, Linear Texture, and Topanga!

A detail of Topanga!

Rebecca Smith's Fantasia

Peggy Wiedemann's Springtime Nest

Another view of the gallery

Linda Anderson's Trini Dancer

Kathy Nida's Feeding Time, BirdWatch, and You Pollute Me

Gail Fraser's Embracing

And a closeup of the pods

Chari Myers' Narration

Gail Fraser's June Doom

Fraser's Red Tide Alert

And her Prospective Landscape

Details of the miniature cattle in Fraser's landscape

Cameron Taylor-Brown's Fiber Trails Scroll numbers 1 and 3

Marilyn McKenzie Chaffee's Layered Lattice

Linda Anderson's Reflecting

Michael F. Rohde's Eightyone: Yellow

Julie Kornblum's Gyre

A detail of the Gyre

Kornblum's Elements

Peggy Wiedemann's Happy Boy

A detail of Happy Boy

Rebecca Smith's Altered State and Reflection

A detail of Smith's work

Michael F. Rohde's Encounter (above) and Radiant (below)

Rohde's Dioscura - Castor & Pollux (above and below)

Linda Anderson's Revealed

Carrie Burckle's Re Bloom

And a detail of Re Bloom

Burckle's Hexagon Blues

Peggy Wiedemann's Elements

A view of Elements with the gallery behind...

Julie Kornblum's Attraction

Rebecca Smith's Luminary II

Carol Nilsen's Calligraphy in the Dust 2 (top right), Centrifuge (bottom left), Emergence (bottom right), and Morning Meditation (top right)

A detail of Emergence

Polly Jacobs Giacchina's Decomposition

A detail of Decomposition

Polly Jacobs Giacchina's Red Writings Chapter 2

Doshi's Frame of Reference

Charlotte Bird's Microbes 1, 2, and 3

Bird's Small Worlds book

Pages of Bird's book

More pages

More pages

Another view of the gallery

And another view

The show is on for a few more weeks, although the school is closed this week. Stop by and see the work.