January 8, 2010


California Fibers: Liminal Spaces
Visions Art Quilt Gallery
Feb 5 - April 25
2825 Dewey Rd., Suite 100
San Diego, CA  92106
juried by Dr Jessica Hemmings

Associate Director, Centre for Visual & Cultural Studies
Edinburgh College of Art, Scotland 

California Fibers 2010
The work selected for this exhibition reflects the diversity of materials and concepts that define textile art today. Quilts, printed and woven cloth, jewellery, basketry, book art, sculpture, beadwork and photography all make an appearance and contribute to our expanded understanding of the place textiles occupy within the vast territory of visual art.
These particular creations drape, envelope, project and balance themselves in the gallery setting. Their content is as varied as the ways each object inhabits and occupies space. Some narrate fictional events; others ask us to reconsider our environment – both the immediate and the global – and the impact we each have upon it. Abstract and figurative imagery decorates the surface of some and makes up the structure of others. Poetic juxtapositions require us to rethink materials once thought familiar. Finally, there are works that focus on relishing the beauty of a specific material – a simple but often overlooked awareness of the ‘stuff’ that makes up our material world.
The threads that quite literally unite this group exhibition are incredibly varied. They are realised in thread and cloth (as you might expect), but also in wood and metal, photographs and paper. When viewed as a whole, this diversity confirms the vitality of textile practice today. Their one point of connection is simple: textiles are the inescapable record keepers of the complex and often contradictory contemporary world in which we all live.

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