October 27, 2018

More of A Matter of Time, Soka University

A Matter of Time continues at Soka University through January 7, 2019, but if you can't make it or just want a teaser of the real thing, here's the work that's shown there.

Below are Mary Beth Schwartzenberger's 4 seasonal pieces, Autumn, Spring, Summer, and Winter.

Below are Peggy Wiedemann's pieces, Dialogue

Shake It Up

Altering Course

Time Marches On

The Tribe

Below are Polly Jacobs Giacchina's works 21 Weeks

Data from the Past



Time Flies

 Doshi's The Tides Lull

 Time Leaves Its Shadows

Linda Anderson's Unbroken

Brecia Kralovic-Logan's work from the Celebrate the Crone series: Memory

From the Totem, Talisman, and Trinket series: Trinket

Michael F. Rohde's pieces Partita




Julie Kornblum's Gyre


Kathy Nida's Heart-Shaped Box

I Can't Be Your Superwoman

Holding It All In

All Stacked Up in My Head

Rebecca Smith's work Time to Rise

Night Fire

Islands in the Stream of Consciousness

Marilyn McKenzie Chaffee's Marking Time #7

Carrie Burckle's Memento Mori-shirt plackets

Memento Mori-blue cuffs

Memento Mori-collars

Gail Fraser's Tick-Tock, Hem and Haw!

Susan Henry, Red Sky

Charlotte Bird's Meander

 Migration Installation

Cameron Taylor-Brown's work Colors of Gujarat: Common Threads #2

LAVAfolds #2

Reflections: Giverny #1

Ashley Blalock's Metaphor

Lydia Tjioe Hall's One a Day 2014

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